Advantages and disadvantages of mobile technology

Mobile Technology

Benefits of victimisation mobile technology for business can manifest in:

Mobile technology is that the technology used for cellular communication. Mobile code-division multiple access (CDMA) technology has evolved quickly over the past few years.

Technologies. Cellular technology is what mobile phone networks are supported, and it is the technology that gave mobile phones the name “cell phones”. Cellular technology primarily refers to having several tiny interconnected transmitters as against one huge one.

What is mobile technology?

Mobile technology is exactly what they names  implies – technology that is portable. Some Examples of mobile IT devices include:

  • Laptop, tablets and netbook computers
  • Smartphones
  • Global positioning system (GPS) devices
  • Wireless debit/credit card payment terminals

Portable devices use many various communications technologies, including:

  • wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) – a kind of wireless native area network technology
  • bluetooth – connects mobile devices wirelessly
  • ‘third generation’ (3G), ‘fourth generation’ (4G), world system for mobile communications (GSM) and general packet radio service (GPRS) information services- Information networking services for mobile phones
  • Dial-up services – information networking services using modems and telephone lines
  • Virtual personal networks – secure access to a personal network

These technologies enable us to network mobile devices, like phones and laptops, to our offices or the internet whereas travelling.

Advantages of mobile technology

  • higher efficiency and productivity of staff
  • the quality and flexibility of service you offer your customers
  • the ability to accept payments wirelessly
  • increased ability to communicate in and out of the workplace
  • greater access to modern apps and services
  • improved networking capabilities

Mobile devices will link you directly into the office network whereas working off website. As an example, you’ll remotely:

  • Set up a new customer’s account
  • Access existing customer records
  • Check prices and stock availability
  • Place an order online

Rapid developments in cloud technologies are boosting the utilization of mobile devices in business, supporting a lot of versatile working practices and accessing services over the web.

Disadvantages of mobile technology

Main disadvantages that come with the utilization of mobile technology in business include:

  • Costs – new technologies and devices are usually expensive to get and need in progress maintenance and maintenance.
  • Workplace distractions – because the range of technologies and devices will increase, so does the potential for them to disrupt productivity and work flow in the business.
  • Additional coaching wants – employees might have instructions and training on a way to use new technology.
  • Increased IT security wants – portable devices are susceptible to security risks, particularly if they contain sensitive or critical business information.
  • If you’re using mobile devices for business, you must take proper precautions to confirm that the devices, and the knowledge they can access, remain safe.


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